We take pride in our ministries, and strive to make you feel at home through serving opportunities and small groups.  We believe that when we, as a group of believers, come together lives will be changed.


FA Men’s Ministry

The Bible says “iron sharpens iron” which is the belief of our FA Men’s Ministry. Through social events, outdoor activities, building projects, conferences and bible studies, we try to find a way to lift each other up spiritually.

FA Women’s Ministry

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a career woman, or just living it up in your golden years, our FA Women’s Ministry is targeted for every women in every season of life.   Through different meetings and events, our FA Women’s Ministry is designed to draw each woman closer to Christ.

Spring 2019 Women’s Conference

FA Small Groups

We offer many small groups and each small group identifies differently.  Whether it be a group meeting in a home, on campus, or in other local venues we try to find a connecting point for everyone.